The ISMSE and ICPMSE Conference will offer the opportunity to make new contacts as well as consolidate existing relationships through the exhibition.

The exhibition will be strategically located within the heart of the conference venue within catering refreshments and posters to maximise traffic for exhibitors.


Opening Times – Exhibition Schedule

Monday 1st: 2pm – 6:30pm

Tuesday 2nd: 8am – 6:30pm

Wednesday 3rd: 8am – 6:30pm

Thursday 4th: 8am – 6:30pm

Friday 5th: 8am – 2pm


For any further information, please contact: – Phone: +33 (0)5 63 72 30 68


Please find all the exhibition information in our guide :



MAP designs, manufactures, implements and promotes sustainable coatings for thermal finishing, with a high technological heritage, for space and high technology industries: Thermal Control Coatings, Adhesives, Conformal Coatings and Lubricants for satellites and launchers.


Acktar is world's largest manufacturer of vacuum deposited super black materials and light absorbing optical coatings for stray light suppression in high performance optical systems.


Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (NDK) was founded in 1948 as a Japanese company specializing in the manufacture of quartz crystal devices. NDK is a major manufacturer and supplier of crystal devices with a vast array of applications that are essential components in virtually all electronic equipment. The Company is also applying its crystal technologies to sensors and a full spectrum of new high-value-added components and products with the aim of achieving sustained business growth as a comprehensive manufacturer of frequency control devices. This time, NDK will showcase its new product " Outgas sensor" for QTGA(QCM Thermogravimetric Gas Analysis), on which you will find new technology. Don't miss it!

Specialty Coating Systems

Specialty Coating Systems is the leader in Parylene conformal coating services and technologies with numerous worldwide locations and 45 years of experience. Ultra-thin and pinhole-free, SCS Parylenes provide unmatched protection to components in the aerospace, electronics, transportation, defense and medical device industries. Parylene coatings offer excellent moisture, chemical, and dielectric barrier properties, thermal stability, corrosion protection and controlled thickness down to 500 angstroms. For high temperature applications, SCS designed Parylene HT® to protect components in harsh environments with thermal stability up to 450°C (short-term) and excellent UV stability.